Project Description
The thinktecture DataForm creates form-based user interfaces on basis of .NET Data Annotations. It offers an extensive customizing model and great support for MVVM. The current version supports only WPF, a Silverlight version is in progress.


Thinktecture DataForm for WPF
Features in brief:
  • A wide range of supported data source types (incl. CollectionViewSource, IEnumerable, Type, ...)
  • Support for multiple data sources (e.g. lookup tables for for ComboBoxes, ...)
  • Support for Data Annotations, incl. localized or separated metadata classes
  • Support for programatic and declarative validation via IDataErrorInfo or Data Annotations
  • 2 field mapping models for a fine-grained customization of the rendering process
  • Multi-column Layout
  • Editing and navigation
  • Advanced MVVM support
  • Row markers for changed and required fields, validation errors, etc.
  • Styling and templating of all aspects of the UI
  • Supports inserting via Visual Studio's data source window
  • A customizable BusyIndicator


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